2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - KMC MAG Group

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Company: KMC MAG Group, Metro Manila, Philippines
Category:Marketing - Campaign: Financial Products & Services, Insurance or Real Estate

Entry Title: KMC Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

This year was a particularly challenging year for KMC MAG Group’s Marketing Division. With the ever increasing pressure from management to manage costs coupled with the need for more competitive marketing to stay toe-to-toe with the competition, it was a significant struggle maximizing resources to meet expectations with a full-blown marketing plan. However, we are pleased to share that the talented members of the KMC marketing team have once again pulled it off this year, making impressive leaps and bounds in terms of return on investment.

The year started out with a stringent budget in place. With only approximately USD 50,000 to allocate between campaigns, collaterals, and sponsorships, KMC was able to plan and execute full blown strategic marketing campaigns that addressed the company’s goal to further establish KMC against the international giants, a first in the company’s history. Overall, the team executed three major campaigns that are detailed below.

1. KMC Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary

Over the last five years, KMC has been a relatively quiet company in terms of media relations. This year, the team decided to capitalize on the fact that the company had reached a major milestone in such a competitive industry where to be one of the leading companies means having to compete head-to-head with the globally established brands.

The results of this campaign were highly successful. To commemorate the occasion, the team organized a lavish dinner at the Makati Shangri-La for our most valued clients and industry partners, approximately 20 top-ranking executives of multinational and local firms. The firm also secured much-coveted ad space in the March issue of Lifestyle Asia Magazine. Also published was a feature on KMC in Business Mirror, one of the most widely circulated business broadsheets in Metro Manila.

2. Amanda Rufino-Carpo as one of the founders of the KMC

Named by Forbes magazine as one of the richest Filipino families in 2007, the Rufino family is one of the most influential in the country. Amanda Rufino-Carpo, KMC’s Chief Legal Officer and one of its founders, is a member of this prestigious clan; however, as a rather low-key person this fact is not widely known.

This campaign aimed to draw attention to Amanda as a member of the Rufino clan while highlighting her involvement in KMC. The team decided to focus on securing features in major print outlets that have a wide distribution network among the firms’ target market. Amanda was featured as Lifestyle Asia Magazine’s 24-Hour Woman for the month of April, which introduced Amanda to the magazine’s sophisticated 65,000 subscribers. She was also featured in the Manila Bulletin business section, the most widely circulated broadsheet (443,110 copies) in the Philippines.

3. KMC as a thought leader and real estate industry trend expert

As one of the leading real estate services firms in the Philippines, it is imperative that KMC to establish itself as an industry thought leader through providing the local property media easy access to KMC’s in-house experts. Regular media roundtables events were planned in order to bridge the gap. During these events, KMC would provide market updates and commentary to property media journalists and while addressing key industry issues. Since July 2013, 4 media roundtable events were have been conducted, yielding in over $155,000 in PR value and wide exposure in both local and international media.

Aside from hosting regular media roundtable discussions, the team also prepared and sent out regular market commentaries via a dedicated mailing list to journalists and media connections made throughout the years. The most recent initiative discussed a worrying property transaction the public wary of a looming property bubble. This made waves in the local and regional property media and provided a return of over $12,500 with barely 10 cents spent.

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