2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner - China Direct Sourcing

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Company: China Direct Sourcing, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Category: Woman of the Year

Entry Title: Lindy Chen, Founder

Lindy Chen is the founder and Managing Director of ChinaDirect Sourcing Services, a company which she established in 2005. ChinaDirect seeks to assist Australian companies in seeing China not as a threat, but as their competitive advantage. In its few short years of existence, ChinaDirect has experienced exponential growth, guided by its driving mission to make clients prosperous and globally competitive.

Chen started ChinaDirect Sourcing on a budget of only $2,000, and she launched the business on a PC at an internet café.

Demand for the company has been high since its launch. In addition to supplier management services, ChinaDirect Sourcing provides on-the-ground factory audits and cultural etiquette training courses for its Australian clientele. Ms Chen says the company is now growing at about 10% a year and has completed over 400 successful import projects. "We have clients that range from ‘mum and dad’ businesses right up to publicly listed companies." Said Chen

Lindy’s contribution to the success of ChinaDirect has come from first developing a unique business model, then systemising the business. ChinaDirect operates differently from the average sourcing company. For example, the company is transparent in providing full details of Chinese suppliers they source for clients, and it refuses to take any commissions from Chinese suppliers.

• "We offer end-to-end import assistance to companies of all sizes to source, negotiate and facilitate delivery of products from China," Lindy said.

• Over the past nine years, China Direct Sourcing Services has built a solid database of more than 30,000 suppliers in China, and in the first six years saved clients over $5 million in procurement costs.

Lindy's strong leadership qualities are demonstrated by her ability to motivate and inspire employees to fulfil their potential. Lindy completed a seven month intensive leadership development program to further develop her skills and talents.


ChinaDirect gains most new clients either through word of mouth or from her talks at China business seminars. Lindy is passionate about building bridges between China and Australia, and she has given her time freely to speak for organizations such as the Australian Institute of Management.

Chen has mentored hundreds of small and medium enterprises over the past few years; her latest business workshops filled within days of registration opening.

Lindy has authored books, manuals and DVDs

• ‘Import From China…How To Make a Million and Not Get Burnt’, and a DVD of the same name.
• IMPORTING FROM CHINA. How To Start Your Own Import Business Without Losing Your Shirt, a comprehensive step-by-step manual, and a DVD
• DVD- Doing Business In China - An Overview, practical introduction to the intricacies of dealing with China

Giving Back

• Lindy loves supporting causes that build closer ties between Australia and China, and held a fundraising party for the Australian Red Cross

• Chen is the founder of the Australian Charities Buying Group, which makes it possible for charities to pool their commonly needed goods, and source cost effectively from China.

Lindy is the recipient of many awards over the years

Lindy has made it her life’s mission to helping develop stronger trade ties between Australia and China and empower women entrepreneurs in their businesses as well as their personal lives.

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