2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – Virtusa Singapore

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2015, Click to Enter The 2015 American Business Awards

Company: Virtusa Singapore Pte Ltd., Singapore
Category:  Human Resources Department of the Year


Virtusa Corporation (VRTU) is a global business consulting and IT outsourcing company that combines innovation, technology leadership and industry solutions. To remain competitive in the marketplace it is indispensable to transform customer experiences, with concrete understanding of its Millennials. With 86% millennial workforce, we are a Millennial Enterprise striving to set up an ecosystem aligned with a differentiating millennial strategy for high productive outcomes.


Virtusa’s Millennial strategy includes collaboration, new market exploration, enterprise technology architectures & processes, innovation & governance and customer-focused enablers such as web sites, mobile, ecommerce, social, search engine optimization, and gamification. The predominant focus is to facilitate transform our client’s business, to implement client’s digital strategy through millennial solutions. The premise is engaged employees and engaged customers in a symbiotic relationship to co-create business outcomes with innovation, agility and productivity.

While gamification being the new millennial buzzword, it is to be signified that only organizations that are integrating gamification with their HR strategies are becoming successful business cases. Continuous appreciation, praise, recognition and visibility are the essence of any engagement. A future-ready enterprise will be gamified at the core and will tap into these deep human urges and behaviours to unleash the full potential of its talent.

Gamification Solution In Talent Acquisition: Talent Scout Employee Referral Initiative

With this strategic mind share we have deployed Gamification Leaderboards for Employee Referrals. This is one of the best hiring modality, a success symptom of being a Best Employer. It yields high applicant to hire conversion rate, high job satisfaction with long employee tenure. Our target is to ensure 50% of new hires are derived through this medium. With this objective, gamification was aligned to Employee Referral Initiative where employees score badges and raves adding to their profile, based on their accumulated points on each referral. We have pinned this initiative to Digital Hiring Strategy, by ensuring “The Talent Scout Program” made live in the V+ engagement platform. Mysite in V+ showcases all points, badges and real time score status on total referrals made, ensuring employees to participate in talent selection process.

These platforms are completely automated and plugged into our iRecruitment system which ensures sustainable practice. Through this modality, we have adopted 2 social recruiting practices riding on V+ platform:

1. Virtusa Next – Extension of Yammer platform to engage with offered candidates, with the objective to increase “Offer to Join” ratio.

2. Talent Scout – Points and badges based gamification for employee referrals and conducting interviews. These talent scouts are honored and recognized in various recognition and leadership platforms.

Our Next Steps:

• To immerse in Global, ATC Leadership, HR teams, Delivery and Resource Management partners to Virtusa Next platform to provide “Social Engagement” to offered candidates.
• Publish consistent leaderboards on team members’ performance across ATC/ SBU/ Segment/ Practices on Talent Scouts/Super Talent Scouts.
• Integrate points system with the Performance Management system.

Tangible Business Outcomes:

This initiative certainly brought a radical reduction in our vendor hires by 20%. Our sustained revenue growth is the evidence of the same, observed stark growth from $80.5 M in Q2 FY13 to $ 117.7 M in Q2 FY15. Our delivery maturity index climbed from 3.28 to 3.45 and client delight index ranged at 8.3/10 showing continuous performance. This infers that Gamification with Smart Recruiting modalities has great impact on employee engagement. Our consistent industry accolades are the testament of our best people practices ensuring high engagement. They are:

• Virtusa won Stevie® American Business Award (2014) & International Business Awards (2014) for 3 consecutive years.
• Virtusa won Britain Top Employer (2014) for 3 consecutive years.
• Virtusa won Asia Best Employer Brand Award for HR Excellence (2014) for 2 consecutive years.