2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – Telkom Indonesia - IndiGOV

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Company: Telkom Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
Category:  New Products & Services: Software - Governance, Risk & Compliance Solution

Entry Title: IndiGOV: Empowering e-Government Implementation in Local Government

Empowering e-Government Implementation in Local Government Document

Indonesia Digital Government (IndiGOV) is a program initiated by Telkom to empower e-Government implementation in Indonesia. e-Government has become the focus of the Indonesian Government as one of the tools to become an effective, efficient, transparent, accountable government that able to offer a good quality public services that can be applied into 501 local government throughout Indonesia.

As it functions, Telkom serves the Local Government (District Administration) and indiGOV program is expected to maximize the services potential, through:

1. Retention of existing services to maintain as well as increasing via additional value added services
2. Competitor Acquisition to expand Telkom services dominance and increasing revenue.
3. Penetration of New Services by implementing device network and application plus platform services (DNA+P).

The IndiGOV Program has applying the "Total Solution" with "DNA – Device Network Application" concept by delivering a holistic solution for infrastructure, platform, and device to served all range government application, ie: e-Office (government and office administration), e-Puskesmas (Public Healthcare Administration), SIAP Online (e-Education), e-PBB (e-Tax), e-Katalog (e-Procurement), etc.

Total Solution Concept of DNA includes :

1. Network Connectivity (Internet Access, Metro E, VPN, etc)

2. Device / Customer Premises Equipment (CCTV, Umeetme, Video Conference, etc)

3. Application :
a. Government Administration : e-Office, e-PBB, e-PTSP, e-Kelurahan
b. Education : INDISchool, SIAP on Line
c. Health Care : e- Puskesmas, e-Claim, SIM RS, e-Apotik, e-Klinik
d. Business : INDIFinance, INDIPreneur, e-Toko, e-Travel, KMI, Contact Center

4. G Cloud Platform :
a. Platform as a Service / PAAS (Collaboration, Webex)
b. Infrastructure as a Service / IAAS (V-Machine, Data Center)

Therefore it has been proven, the utilization of IndiGOV services in local government on improving the connectivity (POTS, Speedy, Astinet, Metro-E, IP VPN, wifi.id) usage / consumption which then generates revenue that almost reached above 50% of all revenue og PGS segments. Moreover, IndiGOV also become a tools for Telkom to implement their synergy through providing on top of connectivity application.

As the result, IndiGOV has been served 435 out of 501 Local Governments in 2014. Also significantly boosted the penetration percentage of data and internet products in the Distric Administration area, in 2013 the revenue amounted 2.5 billion increased to 112.67 Billion, as well as increasing bandwidth consumption from 779 Mbps in 2013 to 25.8 Gbps, and it affected directly on generating revenue which increased by 259% in the end of 2013.

The IndiGOV program has been implemented in Bojonegoro District Administration. Bojonegoro is a district in East Java where the population reached to 1.408.089 people. IndiGov helps to upgrade service for SKPD, citizens and community.

Impact of this application development is fulfilling the need of internet connectivity (dedicated internet, IDN and mobile internet) and the growth of the business community, also human resources development among Bojonegoro citizens. Content of the e-government application, which was built by Telkom, in Bojonegoro District Administration consists of:

• Based GIS web portal, as a public entry to acknowledge both of government potential and activity in Bojonegoro district.
• E-letter, as correspondence application within SKPD (Work Unit Area) environment in Bojonegoro District Administration digitally.
• Cooperative and online SMEs
• Online Ministry of Industry and Trade is an application which facilitates society needs related to industry and trade information such as basic commodities price, market information, etc.
• Online attendance by using finger print attendance machine which contains attendance information accurately and accountable.

With its new solution, the revenue in Bojonegoro District Administration increased Rp. 1.425.916.877 due to the new service contract in the form of additional software, CPE Server Data Base and application. There will be additional revenue obtain from Astinet acquisition in 2015.

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