2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – SYSPRO Software

Gold Stevie Award Winner 2015, Click to Enter The 2015 American Business Awards

Company: SYSPRO Software, North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Category: New Products & Services: Software - Supply Chain Management Solution

Entry Title: SYSPRO 7

The rapid consumerisation of technology over the past few years has driven Enterprise Resource Planning applications to be more ‘consumer-friendly’. Users embrace applications that are friendly to use and more intuitive. SYSPRO 7 has adopted this trend by providing a powerful yet intuitive user interface. While the mouse and keyboard are the preferred input mechanisms for power users, the touch interface will become increasingly commonplace over time. SYSPRO is revolutionising the supply chain by bringing the factory to your fingertips. The factory of the future.

Streamlined, modeled business processes that all stakeholders have visibility of and to which they can contribute are key to efficiency and effectiveness. Organizations find it difficult to synchronize business strategy with operational execution because they lack visibility into the information needed to support decision-making. SYSPRO 7 makes business transparent.

To reach the important goals of real-time access to operational information, data-driven decision making and target-oriented management, businesses need to apply new approaches and acquire tools and solutions that will ensure a centralized, integrated information system is in place. SYSPRO 7 can do this both with an on-premise or cloud solution.

The benefits to the supply chain can be calculated very soon after implementation as customers have reported that “This enables us to operate more efficiently and respond more quickly to issues on the ground. Reducing inventory by 15%-20% is a quotable and realistic figure that could be attributed to SYSPRO as against overall improvement in market demand” Greg Duff, General Manager WESPINE

SYSPRO Espresso was released in conjunction with SYSPRO 7. This award winning mobile application platform giving you access to all your business data remotely and as easily as if you were in your office. This mobile solution enables you to create applications that will work on any popular device, providing instant and secure access to information about your customers, suppliers, inventory items and other key business information.

SYSPRO Espresso can be customized and configured without the need for development skills so you are able to change the user experience of these applications. SYSPRO Espresso applications are available from the SYSPRO App Store.

Through its mobile framework SYSPRO has provided an easy mechanism for deploying apps to mobile devices. Through the App Store SYSPRO has provided an easy platform for selecting applications.

Recognizing the requirement among mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies for:

• faster performance
• greater capacity
• higher volumes

SYSPRO 7 has been architected from the ground up to enable extended scalability. This significantly raises the level at which the SYSPRO application can perform and provides powerful processing for more efficient and higher transactional throughput.

Optimizing your supply chain by working in real time, focusing on bottlenecks, eliminating waste and duplication, integrating seamlessly into third party software products for additional functionality and still staying true the SYSPRO core is why we have maintained a 98% customer retention rate.

Supporting Materials:

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