2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia - Mobile Workforce Automation Solution

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Company: PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia
Category: New Products & Services: Software - Mobile Development or Mobile Operations Management Solution

Entry Title: Mobile Workforce Automation, A Solution in Fulfilling Business Distribution Demand

A company that produce products in the form of goods needs a distribution channel to market their products, so it required a system as follows:

1. Able to monitor, track, and control:
a. Products visibility, availability, sales and distribution to the outlet level. It is needed in order to handle the products so it is suitable with the distribution channel, which is including Product Request, Approval, Allocation, Distribution, Sales, and Canvassing process.
b. Channel / Partner to handle the direct and indirect sales through POS, Mobile PO, Distributor, Wholesaler & Reseller, this includes promotional activities, and related incentive programs.
c. Distribution Network. Build a feature for an external integrated system in order to determine distribution network range, utilization, and commercial aspects.

2. Have a meaningful and comprehensive information that helps the management to understand "Market Landscape" for commercial activity, market size, and competition information

3. To support a more efficient planning on business operations, implementation activity and commercial operation.

To meet the needs of companies of system as mentioned above. Telkom offered a Mobile Workforce Automation (mWA) solution. mWA solution is a Business Solutions for Enterprise that covers manufacturing, delivering and completing the work that assigned to the field worker in a mobile form that provides Marketing, Sales, Distribution Tools & Business Intellegent modules.

mWA makes possible for the users to start service immidiately and with a low cost investment. Users does not need to provide infrastructure and IT facilites as the initial investment which is usually required in the conventional model.

As long as connected to internet, mWA can be use directly through personal computer and mobile phone which allows the transactions to be conducted in real time. Moreover, other component of mWA could cover order management that can be integrated with Supply Chain Management system, so that allows the flow of inventory to go on optimally.

The most important contribution in the success of the program lies in the mWA features such as :

1. Mobile Taking Order
Feature that use by the salesman to take orders and to reach out customers in remote locations.

2. Mobile Task Assignment
Give assignments and direction instantaneously to mobile employees (field employees) in a fast and easy way.

3. Route Management
As a guide for mobile employees in determining their route and give route suggestions.

4. Order Management
Features used to control and monitor all incoming and outgoing orders activities from the principle or sub-distributors.

5. Marketing, Sales and Distribution Tools
Helps to streamline the monitoring of employees who work in mobile and also helps the distribution and delivery order.

6. Route Tracking
Provide information to the management about mobile employees movement.

7. Data Management
Presenting data that required by mobile employees anywhere at anytime. Such as products and customers information, or warehouses and distributors information.

8. Information Tools
Swiftly provide information such as traffic, transaction, and product information, also promotion, performance and accounts receivable.

9. Reporting Tools and Business Intelligent
Provides Business Intelligent related to mobile employees activities and can be used for analysing and providing information to the management.

Telkom applying a mutualism partnership with Indofarma Global Medika (IGM) for supporting trading and distribution market of drugs and medical equipments in Indonesia. Also, it has been implemented on Pertamina Lubricants, subsidiary engaged in the field of lubricant products in Indonesia

Results of mWA implementation :

1. Efficiency of the operating system for distribution. In long term, it could reduce distribution operating costs.
2. mWA service was a monitoring tool for sales activity
3. It is developed to adjust with the companies needs.
4. Telkom scaling revenue increasement that has reached 1.768 Billion in 2014 from Pertamina Lubricants and 15 billion per year from IGM.

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