2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – Hutchison Global Communications Limited

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Company: Hutchison Global Communications Limited, Hong Kong
Category:  New Products & Services: Telecommunications - Product

Entry Title: 4k Home Broadband & Entertainment Content Service

Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC) partnered with Le Shi Internet Information & Technology (Hong Kong) Limited (Letv), one of mainland China’s largest Internet TV content providers to launch Hong Kong’s first bundled offer comprising high speed 4K home broadband service, entertainment content and smart TV in 2014.


Hosting and colocation of Letv-sourced content in HK
Racks vendors accommodated Letv’s request of tailor-making racks and non-standard power arrangements, with data centre architects working flexible hours to shorten rack installation time frame to 2 weeks, shortened time-to-market.

Private leased lines connecting data centres
With private leased lines connecting data centres in mainland China and Hong Kong plus supreme routes performance, Letv’s rich multimedia content are mirrored in Hong Kong, making HGC’s data centre a Asia data exchange hub. This minimise latency, allowing local customers to accesss tored content in a more efficient manner.

Localise Letv’s content platform
HGC and Letv localised the use of language, interface and content selection on Letv’s content platform.

Dedicated network
Utilising dedicated links between data centres, content could flow smoothly and steadily within HGC’s network. Such network design lowers transmission delay and ensures network is ‘always on’ for 4K content.

IP transit
Riding on one of the largest Fiber-To-the-Building (FTTB) networks in Hong Kong, high volume of traffic is able to smoothly transmit within Hong Kong at fast speeds, supporting impeccable content delivery.

Customer support
Acting as Letv’s sales arm in Hong Kong, HGC provides end customers with comprehensive supporting channels including phone-in, i-Chat, YouTube videos and step-by-step walk-through. Besides a 7x24 network operations centre (NOC) monitoring customer entertainment experience, HGC’s on-site service is committed to transaction date plus one day (T+1) or less.

Joint promotion
HGC and Letv believe the current “one size fits all” broadband service offerings do not meet the needs of local end users, and developed several subscription options for users to choose according to their budget and streaming needs:

1. HGC broadband (100M/1G) with Letv smart TV S40 Air and Letv-sourced content
2. HGC 4K broadband (100M/1G) with Letv smart TV X50 Air and Letv-sourced content


All-inclusive entertainment centre at the ease of home
The bundled offer turns customers home into an all-inclusive entertainment centre, covering streaming of a wide range of TV programmes, movies and support gaming, internet browsing and video conference. HGC’s fibre-optic network also allows different family members to enjoy different entertainment programmes concurrently.

Fostering telco-OTT partnership
OTT players cooperate with telcos for better network performance to enhance end user experience, which boosts their competitive advantage. Meanwhile, by providing data centre and networks services to OTT players, telcos also broadened its international market horizontally . Such cooperation fosters business opportunities, monetises OTT content, and facilitates the launch of new technology and smart devices.

Increases 4K content in market
By making 4K devices available to end users, customers embark on a revolutionary entertainment journey which helps shape viewing habit and set 4K the new industry standard. This behavioural shift will assist OTT players’ 4K content production, benefiting the entire OTT video ecosystem.


1. HGC is the first telco in Hong Kong to launch a bundling of smart device, 4K content and broadband service via collaboration with an OTT player.
2. HGC now carries an overwhelming majority of Letv’s content in Hong Kong.
3. HGC received 6% of new acquisition from existing broadband customers in Q4 2014.
4. Letv will double their number of racks hosted in HGC’s data centre in 2015.
5. Letv’s global foray will carry on into Taiwan, East Asia and spread to all Asian communities worldwide.
6. Media Coverage: Over 70 news coverage from electronic, print and online media was generated
7. 3BB Hong Kong Youtube videos gained more than 154k views in one month, 3BB Facebook like increased by 15%.

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