2015 Asia-Pacific Gold Winner – HRBoss - EmployeeBoss

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Company: HRBoss, Singapore
Category:  New Products & Services: Software - Big Data or Lead Generation Solution

Entry Title: EmployeeBoss

What is EmployeeBoss?

Launched in 2013, EmployeeBoss is the only all-in-one analytics and workforce planning platform engineered in Asia that helps business leaders unlock insights and take action. Delivered as a turnkey Cloud SaaS application, it brings together 5 unique features on to a single platform to serve people-related data the way you need it to be- unified, beautiful and hassle-free:

1. HTML 5 Dynamic Org Charts

The first-ever HTML 5 enabled org charts allows you to visualize your entire organisation in an interactive, searchable and drillable fashion.

2. Geo-spatial Maps

Geo-Maps gives you a spatial overview and a real-time portrait of metrics of the entire business.

3. Reports & Dashboards

EmployeeBoss’s Report Builder lets you build and share customised reports, transforming static data into boardroom-ready visualizations.

4. Workforce Planning

EmployeeBoss’s workforce planning workspaces allow you to play with multiple ‘what if’ scenarios so you can simulate and explore alternative futures on-the-fly.

5. Applicant Tracking

EmployeeBoss comes with an award-wining end-to-end applicant tracking, hiring and flow management system baked-in. Identify vacancies and hire direct.

Why EmployeeBoss?

Over the course of years, organisations have grown complex HR and Talent Management frameworks, depending on several disconnected workforce-related IT systems - from HRIS, Payroll, Talent Management solutions through to excel sheets to store and access people-related data.

As a result of being unable to unify all these data, getting a holistic overview of the workforce is often out-of-reach. Reporting becomes an inefficient, costly and lengthly process.

Throughout 2013, we carried out an extensive market research survey and interviewed over 450 business leaders across Asia. A few key highlights are as follows:

• Organisations store their employee data across an average of 7-10 different systems.
• Reports remain stuck on Powerpoint, Excel, email and paper.
• Report end-users want to access the data on-the-fly, in a single dashboard but 91% are operating without one.
• 86% of employees are spending a minimum of 2 working days just generating the reports
• 57% of HR professionals say their bosses are demanding more in-depth and detailed employee information.

When it comes to workforce planning and decision-making, it’s a real struggle for business leaders to get a complete and accurate picture of the entire organisation. Alternatively, they are required to implement complex enterprise talent management solutions for excessive $$$$, incurring lots of change simply to get a consolidated view of their employee landscape.

How does EmployeeBoss work?

An agnostic application, EmployeeBoss allows organizations to aggregate and blend all employee-related data into a single system. Data –structured and unstructured - is pulled from unlimited customer systems and users can then view this data or run visual reports in real time, and use it to make faster & better decisions in just 5 quick steps.

Step 1: Import Data
Step 2: Associate & Blend Data
Step 3: Visualise & Analyse
Step 4: Plan & Collaborate
Step 5: Take Action

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EmployeeBoss eradicates the need for heavy weight ETL processes which are typically expensive, time consuming, and error-prone around data migration. Organisations won’t have to abandon their existing systems for a new one. Users get a comprehensive suite of best-practice HR metrics so that they can easily run queries and get quick answers. This is gold for business leaders who want answers but do not have the technical expertise of an analyst.

EmployeeBoss puts self-serve analytics in the hands of everyone- no data scientist required. It breathes life into existing legacy IT solutions and unlocks millions of dollars in profit for customers- at reasonable prices any large scale organisation can afford.

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