Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC)- Customer Network Extension

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Name of Organization / Company: Hutchison Global Communications Limited (HGC), Tsing Yi, Hong Kong, China

Category:  Award for Innovation in Technology Management, Planning & Implementation > Telecommunications Industries

Entry Title: Customer Network Extension


“Now Everyone Can Fly” is a customer network extension project provided by HGC for AirAsia Berhad (AirAsia). Partners since 2009, HGC aims to help AirAsia become the best budget airline.


To support AirAsia’s expansion plan, HGC carried out a series of telecom solutions and beyond. HGC successfully extended AirAsia’s operation sites to a total of 18 by building new sites in Singapore, Japan, and China with secure connections to headquarters in Malaysia. HGC also helped AirAsia outsource its internal applications, including web hosting and disaster recovery systems, to 2 public clouds via secure connections in Singapore.

1. One-stop project management

• Professional & stringent planning
Before project launch, HGC talent provided customized proposals, project specifications, network designs, and advisory services. As aviation business emphasises safety and accuracy, HGC upheld a high level of network resilience by deploying at least 2 paths connecting any locations. To meet international standards, HGC provided stringent service level agreements up to 99.99% and pledged a 4 MTTR.

• 24 PoP sites readily available
As a full-fledged international telecom operator, HGC has altogether 24 PoP sites worldwide, all readily available for AirAsia’s future expansion.

• Local talent ensures smooth service provisioning
Due to complicated set-up procedures, sites inside airport restricted areas usually require more than 4-6 weeks. Experienced in site exploration, HGC liaised with the building management office for AirAsia and set up sites without delay.

With 20 offices worldwide and abundant local talent, language barrier and time-zone differences were overcome to shorten processing time and simplify logistics. HGC local talent provided guidance to local partners and technicians to ensure international standards were met.

2. Deliverables
• Site set-up
For AirAsia’s site expansion in Japan, Singapore, and China, HGC’s local talent provided proof of concept services, sourced suitable data centres, and implemented networks. HGC also closely monitored AirAsia’s development by generating regular reports and reserving racks at data centres and burstable bandwidth for future use.

• Cloud connectivity set-up
HGC helped AirAsia connect to Amazon Web Services (AWS) via highly secured Ethernet network scalable up to 10G. HGC also built another cloud connectivity, Microsoft Azure, for AirAsia. These connections enabled AirAsia to centralise resources, store data and internal applications, outsource disaster recovery, and link up regional sites.

• Fully managed services
HGC provided a centralised real-time web portal for AirAsia to monitor their CPE performance and circuit utilisation. HGC’s standardised fault escalation processes included a centralized customer support centre with engineering force that monitored AirAsia’s network on a 24/7 basis, so as to report any incidents occurred within 30 minutes. Remote-hand services were also available.

• Dedicate team
Prior to seasonal promotions or peak seasons, such as during Christmas and New Year, HGC formed a dedicate team to closely monitor traffic, fine tune Internet route for shorter path, and reduce latency.

• Flexible bandwidth arrangement
To support AirAsia’s fluctuating bandwidth demand, HGC provided burstable bandwidth. AirAsia could reallocate resources according to its needs. Various AirAsia sites, such as Malaysia and Thailand, have been upgrading their bandwidth by 50%.


Q4: HGC launched AirAsia’s Japan site.
Q3: HGC launched AirAsia’s Singapore major hub.
Q3: HGC established AWS Direct Connect, enabling AirAsia to access AWS public cloud via a private connection in Singapore.
Q3: HGC provided cloud connectivity to AirAsia to Microsoft Azure in Singapore.
Q4: HGC expanded AWS Direct Connect service to Hong Kong. HGC has now 6 running sites in Hong Kong, Northern California, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo, all readily available to support AirAsia’s expansion.
Q4: HGC set up a new testing site for AirAsia in China. It is expected to increase more flight routes and destinations in China.
Q1: Expected official launch of China's site: 2017 Q1.

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